Congratulate Gemma & Scott on their happy baby news!

What is a present pot?

Simply put it is a gift registry service. It’s a collection pot of money towards their photography session.

Rather than buying a gift that wont last, or isn’t to the persons taste, this is an easy way of contributing to something meaningful!

This gift will last way beyond any other gift you can buy!

And you know this is something that they really want!

How does it work?


You specify the amount you want to contribute – it can be anything from £10  – there is no upper limit.

Collected in their 'Present Pot'

Your contribution goes into their ‘present pot’ which goes towards the receivers purchase of photos/wallart


When the couple come to view and order their photos (which is usally around 2 weeks after their photoshoot) the total amount raised will be revealed and deducted off their invoice (kind of like a gift card)


The receivers will be given a card with all of the names, messages and ‘amounts in £'s’ that have been contributed. The total amount raised will be revealed and they can spend it on their beautiful photographs - The amount is deducted off their invoice (kind of like a gift card!)

Step 1

Enter the amount you would like to gift and click contribute

Step 2

You will be taken to secure payment screen to complete your payment, and leave a message

Step 3

You're done! Sit back knowing you have given to the most memorable gift of them all!