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Colourful joy and irresistible baby charm unite!

Sitter sessions are the perfect blend of adorable expressions, gummy grins and baby pouts!

All wrapped up in adorable outfits, baby sized props and lots of silly noises!


A calm but silly photographer that's not shy of doing what it takes to get those smiles!

  • Suited for babies that can now sit on their own; anything from 6-10months of age.
  • I have a vast array of outfits for this age, that you can use at no extra cost!
  • All different colours & styles to suit you and your personality.


You can secure your appointment in the studio with me for just £49

Session of approx 1 hour

Use of outfits & props is included  at no extra cost

Welcome guide with everything you can expect, as well as hints & tips including make-up & hair

Approximately 2-3 weeks after your session you will be invited back for your viewing and ordering appointment, to view your final gallery of edited images and choose which products and packages suit you best.

The session fee does not include images – these can be purchased from 1 of the packages

See below for a sample of the packages


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"Like a budding flower, a baby's personality blooms with each cheeky grin"


Frequently Asked Questions

1When is best to have a sitter session?
I advise booking well in advance to ensure you have your slot and we would look at booking it for when baby around 7.5months of age. Babies tend to start sitting on their around 6 months and then leaving them another 4-6 weeks allows them to get strength and master their new skill! (we can adjust if your baby starts sitting sooner/later).
2Do I need to bring any outfits?
No you don't need to bring a thing! I have a cast array of adorable outfits for your session
3When do I get to see my images?
After your photoshoot your images will be hand edited and this process takes approximately 2 weeks; at which time you will be invited back for your viewing/ordering appointment
4Can we have images with baby?
This session is mainly focused on baby and their milestone of sitting. We can incorporate 1 group image for you but if you would like more than this - it would be a fmaily session you are looking at.
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Aimee is amazing at what she does, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. She captures the best photos

 - Rhian R

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